Ninja Chacha (Trailer)

Animation Film By Ganesh Kotian

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Click Here >> Ninja Chacha – 3D Models WireFrame & Beauty Renders

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23 thoughts on “Ninja Chacha (Trailer)

  1. Awesome man, watched it many times and each time I saw it i was like “saala ekdam sesky hai yeh to”. This is serious stuff man.Concept is wonderful, woh pirate motor boat me ate with that pirated cd’s is cool. Ship aisa lagte ki road pe park kia hai saale. Music kya dhaasu hai (y) bhaari ekdam. Darkness complements the feel and the name of the movie is catchy. Go go Ninjja Chacha. Demolition scene bhi kadakk. Wish ppl run out of adjectives while praising ur moive and chacha and u. Happy Bday

    • Thnx yaar… sab mistakes note kar raha hu… will make it better next time… full story pe work kar raha hu… plus other mistakes ko bhi rectify karna hai… movie ka styling was lil inspired from Sin City. Darkness ko maintain karna kaafi difficult ho gaya… lets c fir se try karega pura story k sath.. with the changes.

  2. Its superb, but a little dark? (I dunno if that’s how it’s supposed to be).. Was able to see only ‘I’ and ‘C’ in the ‘Ninja Chacha’ at the end, barely make out the rest of the words..

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